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Using state-of-the-art IMU (BNO080) and an Arduino chip, the MovSens Ultimate IMU provides the best movement sensing solution for your projects in areas of robotics, VR/AR, wearable, healthcare, machine monitoring, industrial control, and etc.

Unique Values to Customers

• A complete solution including IMU sensor, Microprocessor, and USB serial data communication in one unit leads to simplified system integration and faster time to market

• Size optimized for wearable applications based on ergonomics design

• The Popular Arduino system with open source program examples accelerates the development.


The device integrates the best IMU, BNO080, from Bosch. It provides the 9-axis inertial measurement, as well as the absolute orientation with an accuracy of 2 degree. The device has the on-board microprocessor, atmega328, that can be easily programmed using Arduino. The USB data communication system is also integrated for easy programming and data communication. Battery interfaces are provided for your prototype projects.

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Getting data from a USB cable

This step is straightforward. The device has integrated everything for you. Just get a micro-USB cable, connect it to a PC. Open a terminal for serial communication, (if you have Arduino, you can use the one there. It will make your future development easier.) set the baud rate to 9600, and you will see data streaming. The default data is the quaternion vector, indicating the real time orientation/rotation.

You can program the device using Arduino. Here is some firmware examples to help you get started. When you are trying to download the program to the IMU board, make sure you select the board settings as "Board: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini", "Processor: Atmega328P(3.3V, 8MHz)"

You can also develop your own visualization software to view the real time orientation/rotation tracking;

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Getting data wirelessly with XBee

Here is a list of electronic components you need to assembly a wireless IMU module with MV100:

1. 9DOF IMU system: MV100;

2. an XBee regulator;

3. a pair of XBee modules;

4. an XBee USB explorer;

5. a 3.7V coin battery;

6. Misc: R2032 battery holder, 6-pin connector, USB cable, plastic case;

This tutorial uses point-to-point XBee network for wireless data transmission. To setup the XBee modules, please refer to here. Below, we assume the XBee point-to-point network is set up, and describes only how to apply that to make a wireless IMU system.

1. Solder the MV100 module with the XBee regulator, using a 6-pin connector, with the XBee regulator on top. You notice that on one edge of both modules, there is a 6-position port for UART connection. It is designed in a way that the 2 ports are matched with each other already.

2. On the bottom side of the MV100, solder the R2032 battery holder, which is provided with the MV100 module.

3. Put in a 3.7V coin battery (20mm dia) to the battery holder. Note the normal 3.0V R2032 coin battery will not work here, as both the IMU board and XBee module require at least 3.3V to start;

5. Insert one of the XBee module into the socket of the XBee regulator, and turn on the slider switch on the IMU board. You should see the LED indicator is lit up. If not, it's mainly because the battery is out of power, either recharge the battery or replace it with a new battery;

6. On the other end of the wireless network, insert a XBee explorer with the second XBee module to the USB port of your PC. If everything is good, you should see the LED indicators on the XBee explorer light up, indicating the data is transmitting wirelessly.

7. Open a serial terminal and select the COM port of the USB explorer. Select the correct baud rate (9600 bps in default). You should be able to see the data streaming continuously;

8. You can also develop your own visualization software to view the real time orientation/rotation tracking;

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