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Enjoy your move! With TrackIMU, the game is real sport, not imaginary sport from your traditional games!

This easy to mount TrackIMU is particularly developed for Surf Simulators from this Hawaii company ( enhances the immersive surfing experience like real surfing at Hawaii. Supports both single player and multi-player games. The code developed for this was done together as a joint venture between and this company.

Note: This product does not include the game itself. Please go to ( to buy/lease the game, and for more information or contact

Package includes:

1. Assembled TrackIMU electronics board with microprocessor and 9DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU);

2. Micro USB cable, 3 meter long;


  • Direct communication to Surf Simulator;


TrackIMU is the world's smallest camera-free, and precise module tracking system for video games. It allows you to view your gaming or virtual reality scenes through the most natural way. It frees up your hands for much better gaming experience.

The small system utilizes the latest MEMS inertial sensing technologies to measure the gravity, magnetic field, and rotation rate in 3D space using a 3mm X 3mm size chip. It embeds the complete motion tracking algorithm into an integrated micro-CPU. It directly communicates your movement orientation angles to your game without any delay.


  • 3 Axis Rotation Tracking (Yaw/Pitch/Roll);
  • Compass sensor integrated, zero-drift in Yaw;

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The device comes calibrated. In case you experience wired sensor performance or you are curious how to do it, check out here

How to calibrate Compass of TrackIMU

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