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Intuitive head tracking using the world's smallest Inertial Measurement Unit. Enhance your gaming experience with wearable device.

Enjoy your move! With TrackIMU, the game is real sport, not imaginary sport from your traditional games!


Package includes:

1.  Assembled TrackIMU electronics board with microprocessor and 9DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU);

2. Micro USB cable, 3 meter long;

3. TrackIMU enclosure case;

4. 3M double side adhesive for fixing TrackIMU to your headset;

5. TrackIMU user interface software (download from here);



  • Direct communication to games;
  • Serial output of orientation/rotation angle (raw/pitch/roll);


TrackIMU is the world's smallest wearable, camera-free, and precise head tracking system for your video games. It allows you to view your gaming or virtual reality scenes through the most natural way, i.e., turning your head to see things around you. It frees up your hands for much better gaming experience.

The small system utilizes the latest MEMS inertial sensing technologies to measure the gravity, magnetic field, and rotation rate in 3D space using a 3mm X 3mm size chip. It embeds the complete motion tracking algorithm into an integrated micro-CPU. It directly communicates your head orientation angles to your game without any delay.

With the features of real-time tracking, light weight, small size, and completely wearable with your headset, TrackIMU accomplishes head tracking without having you feel its existence.



  • 3 Axis Rotation Tracking (Yaw/Pitch/Roll);
  • Compass sensor integrated, zero-drift in Yaw;
  • 9DOF IMU;
  • Arduino processor integrated for on-board signal fusion;
  • Direct talk to games;


Games supported (to Date):

It essentially supports any game that works with your keyboard, mouse, or joystick. Here we will list the games that are already tried successfully by us and our customers.


Arma II

Arma III

DCS World


F1 2013

Flight Simulator X



Rise of Flight

Sir, You are being hunted

Star Citizen

War Thunder




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