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Wireless 9-DOF IMU

Wireless 9-DOF IMU

SKU: 000001


• 9 Degrees of Freedom on a single, flat board
• Incorporates ITG-3200, ADXL345 and HMC5883L
• 3.5-16VDC input
• XBee transmission module integrated, direct wireless data transmission realized

The Wireless MovSens 9DOF IMU - AHRS compatible incorporates three sensors - an ITG-3200 (triple-axis gyro), ADXL345 (triple-axis accelerometer), and HMC5883L (triple-axis magnetometer) - to give you nine degrees of inertial measurement. The outputs of all sensors are processed by an on-board ATmega328 and output over the air wirelessly using integrated XBee. With the work of Jordi Munoz and many others, the 9DOF IMU can become an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). This enables the 9DOF IMU to become a very powerful control mechanism for UAVs, autonomous vehicles and image stabilization systems.


The board comes programmed with the 8MHz Arduino bootloader and some example firmware that demos the outputs of all the sensors. Simply connect to the serial TX and RX pins with a 3.3V FTDI Basic Breakout, open a terminal program to 9600bps.

• 9 Degrees of Freedom on a single, flat board:
  - ITG-3200 - triple-axis digital-output gyroscope
  - ADXL345 - 13-bit resolution, ±16g, triple-axis accelerometer
  - HMC5883L - triple-axis, digital magnetometer
• Outputs of all sensors processed by on-board ATmega328 and sent out via a serial stream & direct over-the-air wireless XBee transmission
• Output pins match up with FTDI Basic Breakout, Bluetooth Mate, XBee Explorer
• 3.5-16VDC input
• ON-OFF control switch and reset switch

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