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Use Arduino with MovSens 10DOF IMU

1. Get all the hardware listed for the kit, and the arduino software;

  • MPU9250BMP180(BMP280) Breakout board;

  • Vertical 6 pin connector;

  • 4 wire connection cable;

  • Arduino board;

  • USB Cable A to B;

  • The arduino software can be downloaded for free from Arduino website;

2. Use the 6pin connector and 4wire connection cable to properly connect the IMU breakout board to Arduino UNO board. Only 4 wires need to be connected for this quick start:

10DOF breakout Arduino UNO

3.3V --> 3.3V;

GND --> GND;

SCL --> SCL;

SDA --> SDA;

3. Connect the board to your computer, and start the Arduino Software. Properly select the port and board as shown in the figure.

4. Get the Arduino program code here and download the program to the UNO board;

5. Open the serial monitor window, and you will see the output (Raw signal from accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, temperature and barometric pressure);

6. The output can be communicated to your own customized software for further application. In this example, we send the data to MovSens 3D Orientation/Rotation Tracking system for real-time orientation/rotation tracking;

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